I’m Natalie Price, a fashion and beauty photographer from Manchester, with a particular interest for natural light.

I’m experienced in the development of model portfolios, taking clients on a journey from the creation of intricate mood boards to the discovery of secret locations. I like to oversee every aspect of the project, from initial styling and ‘on set’ make up outsourcing, to retouching the photographs myself. I love it!

Communication with my clients is so important to me, and all of my models are included in the conversation from start to finish, sharing opinions and ideas as if contributing to a combined scrapbook. What this means is, that we end up with a collection of beautifully crafted shots. Everyone’s happy.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients, both privately and commercially, so I have a handle on what the industry are looking for. I am available to advise, support and guide my clients to achieve exactly what they themselves are looking for too.

Let’s share our ideas together!